Privacy Policies And Data Protection

In compliance with the provisions of Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, especially the provisions of articles 9 and 12, its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013 and the other relevant regulations, DULZAMARA SAS, identified with NIT 900550702-6, reports the policy of this society, as responsible for the processing of personal data, for the treatment and protection thereof.




The Society DULZAMARA SAS, subject to the constitutional and legal provisions, will be ruled in its role of responsible for the processing of personal data by the guiding principles that in this matter has provided the Colombian legal system, these are, according to Article 4 of the law 1581 of 2012:

PRINCIPLE OF LEGALITY IN THE MATTER OF DATA PROCESSING: DULZAMARA S.A.S. will administer its databases of which it is responsible with total subjection to the constitutional and legal postulates that regulate the matter.
PRINCIPLE OF PURPOSE: The purpose for which personal data is administered and processed will be completely in accordance with the law; will be legitimately used for the development of the commercial, operational and / or administrative activities of the company.

PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOM: DULZAMARA S.A.S. it will only deal with those data of which it has consent or those that, without the consent of the law, enable them to treat it.

PRINCIPLE OF TRUTHFULNESS OR QUALITY: constant storage and processing of accurate, current and accurate information will be ensured; likewise, permanent measures will be implemented that favor the updating of the data that is stored in order to avoid partial, incomplete, fractioned or misleading data, which is expressly prohibited by law.

PRINCIPLE OF TRANSPARENCY: DULZAMARA S.A.S. will have a communication mechanism where data holders can go at any time with the aim of obtaining information on personal data that are subject to treatment by this society and exercise their rights under Article 15 of the Political Constitution of Colombia (Right to Habeas Data).

PRINCIPLE OF RESTRICTED ACCESS AND CIRCULATION: the control and restriction of stored data is guaranteed, especially those data that by their nature require special treatment (sensitive data of children and adolescents), so that they will only have access to them who have the proper authorization.

PRINCIPLE OF SECURITY: the necessary and adequate measures will be taken for the protection of the data stored not only by DULZAMARA S.A.S. as responsible for the data processing but, also, by any person in charge of processing them.

PRINCIPLE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: DULZAMARA S.A.S. it will guarantee the confidentiality of the stored information and will carry out the supply or communication of the same only when it corresponds to the development of the authorized activities in the law.

To such extent, DULZAMARA S.A.S. it will only deal with the stored data for the exercise and development of activities specific to its corporate purpose and the administrative development of the company, especially for billing purposes, in order to comply with the fiscal requirements when making a sale, to contact the company with its own and exclusive purposes of the contractual and commercial relationship that has been initiated between the parties when the relationship is initiated with a legal entity, to corroborate the references and reputation of the person who is linked through this form in case of sale to terms, to perform analytical processes of customer behavior in order to define consumption habits with the aim of improving the customer experience with the brands of DULZAMARA S.A.S .; have a record of active and inactive clients; contact customers or future customers through different channels (email, physical mail, through call center, etc.) for collection or legal purposes if applicable; receive, attend and resolve petitions, complaints, claims and / or suggestions presented by clients or future clients; carry out academic activities in association with public or private entities in the marketing area. For which, eventually and only for the purposes described, you can share the information with companies that participate in the development of the commercial, operational and / or administrative activities of the company, as well as those companies that will be responsible for the treatment and that will treat the databases of DULZAMARA SAS under the parameters that the law imposes.

In full development of the provisions of Article 15 of the Political Constitution of Colombia and its regulations, the owner of personal data is assisted by the following rights:

The owner of personal data will have the power to decide whether or not to answer the questions that are asked when they relate to sensitive data or data on girls, boys and adolescents, as provided in the literal “b” of Article 12 of the law 1581.
In no case will personal data be processed that, by requiring it, do not have the prior, express and informed consent of the owner pursuant to article 9 of Law 1581.


DULZAMARA SAS, in order to establish a permanent channel of communication with the owners of the data, thus facilitating timely and permanent attention to their queries, requests and complaints, has provided that whoever wishes to exercise their right to know, rectify, delete or revoke authorization, you can communicate clearly expressing the intention of your communication to the email:

Once received the mail by the official of DULZAMARA S.A.S., this company will have a term of 15 days to respond to it by the same means.


This policy will become effective as of February 1, 2018 and any substantial modification to it will be informed in a timely manner through the appropriate means with which it is counted for such purposes.

MODIFICATION OF THIS POLICY This policy may be modified at any time, which is why we recommend you check regularly or periodically on our website.